Monday, 30 March 2009

Anniversary Card

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share the card I made for my other half. It was our anniversary yesterday and this is the card I gave him. I chose this color because this was our color theme at our wedding and we love precious moments. I also got this card idea from Stampin' Up.

And this is how it looks like inside when I slide the top half.

And here's a close look. I used the SU rub on but I messed up on the word "YOU" so I had to improvise.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Monday.....=)


  1. lovely card...congratulations on your anniversary!!! this card is so cute and precious moments is always a sweet gesture =) love how your card opens up. very creative!

  2. Hi Lynn ~ great seeing you again today at Teri's. Love all your cards - they are all very beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and maybe I'll see you next month ...

  3. Happy Anniversary Lynn!! Your hubby must've love your card!!

  4. Hi Lynn! I just love the color scheme on your card. Hopefully I can meet you one day at Teri's.

  5. Your hubby must have loved the card. You did such a great job!


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